Low Temperature Circulation Paddy Dryer


1. Flexible and efficient heat source
Multiple heat supply is available. To minimize the environmental burden, this machine adopts the technology of low temperature fully drying, and the technology of maximum heat change.

2. Even blend, circular drying
Maximum air volume and low-temperature drying technology are introduced to this machine (the air temp is around 4060℃). To minimize the broken rate, and to ensure the products in good condition, and to improve the dehydration efficiency, the grains will be heated in a very short time, and then to be tempered for a long time. Thus, production costs will also be reduced at most.

3. Easy to operate
The high degree of automation. A full touch screen (HMI) with an excellent clear display is adopted, and there is automatic and manual mode to choose from, the multipoint safety interlock device is also introduced to this machine.

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