Mixing 3 Machine



The premix mixer is widely used in the feed industry for the mixing of materials with large bulk density and corrosiveness. It can also be used in occasions where the bulk density of materials is small but the fluidity is excellent.


■    High CV, High efficiency

With patented rotor structure, it is characterized by a short mixing period and high mixing homogeneity: The mixing homogeneity of material within 60~90S should achieve to CV≤5%, which greatly shortens the mixing cycle and improves the production efficiency;

■    Small residual and adjustable clearance

The large paddle and the strut are bolted, which can reduce the residual by adjusting the gap between the paddle and the trough; at the same time, after the large blade is worn, adjusting the clearance can prolong the service life of the blade.

■    Optimize the chamber structure and no leaking

Welded chamber improves the chamber rigidity and sealing performance, no leaking occurs

■    Creative tumbled type liquid addition device

Available of rise-and-fall type liquid application system, which is convenient and rapid for cleaning and replacing spraying nozzles and can spray liquid evenly.


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