Raw Material Extruder


Extruder specialized for corn extrusion.

  • Excellent product quality thanks to optimal process flow

Angle-adjustable conveying paddles deliver more uniform mixing and higher efficient conditioning.

Elaborate process flow functions as sterilization and gelatinization, improved product quality and feed conversion, and absorption characterization, reduced cross-contamination.

  • An economic alternative for high capacity and low energy consumption

Highest possible production capacity and minimized energy consumption; corn extrusion throughput of up to 4.2 t/h and up to 21% reduction of energy consumption are possible.

  • User-friendly operation lies in smart structure design

Innovative rail device for suspending cutter device enables gap adjustment at all time, easy and fast operation, the reduced workload of operator.

Unique three bearings arrangement concept and cyclic oil lubrication system etc. guarantee longer service life, with minimized


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