Gravity Destoner


The TQSFB gravity destoner is employed for the continuous stone removing process, and it also fits for the classification of heavy and light grains.


1. The upper and lower sieve grids and screen bodies are fixed by bolts to ensure consistency between the sieve grids and the sieve body.

2. The external vibration motor is connected with the screen body through bolts, so that not only is it convenient for maintenance but also ensures the consistency of the vibration direction angle.

3. Reasonable vibration direction and optimized outlet duct can ensure that material will not flow out of the stone outlet when the machine is turned on or off.

4. Engine-driven arc welding process is used to weld the studs and nuts at joints of certain parts in order to ensure perfect appearance based on maintaining structural strength.

5. The upper rear section is made of punched galvanized sieve plates, and the upper and lower layers are woven with wear-resistance 65Mn steel of 1 mm diameter.

6. The gravel outlet is supported by an adjustable spring, and the handle can be adjusted conveniently to adjust the inclination of the screen surface.

7. Installing differential pressure gauge to monitor the negative pressure of working condition of the gravel-removing machine.

8. The equipment’s surface treatment: the steel used is either treated with phosphating or shot blasting, and then spray painting or glazed finishing.

Wide Application

The gravity destoner suits a great many applications. For example, it is commonly adopted for the processing of wheat, rye, maize, oats, buckwheat, barley as well as millet, and it also fits for breweries, distilleries, and ethanol production plants.

Working Principle

There is a big difference in the suspended speed between grains and high-density matters such as stones, metal, and glass, while the suspended speed for heavy and light grains also varies. Based on these, the mixed heavy impurities will be separated from grains, and effective gradation between heavy and light grains is achieved.

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