9. Bran Finisher


The bran finisher makes use of fast-rotating beaters to strike the materials so that the flour particles that adhere to the bran are separated and collected. In this way, the break grinding process will be more efficient, and the flour yield will be increased as well.


1. Intelligent Design for Improved Flour Yield
Our product employs slanted beaters to give the tangentially incoming material stream an extra-axial motion, and this could improve the flour yield. Meanwhile, the special-shaped screen is able to vibrate during movement, so the screen openings won’t get blocked, and the production capacity could reach up to 1.5t/h.

2. Spacious Inspection Door for Simple Maintenance
The large inspection door allows easier access to the screen, thus offering great convenience when maintaining our machine or replacing the screen. In addition, this design also facilitates operation and sampling.

3. Different Models for Best Flexibility
The bran finisher is available in two models, and these two models vary from each other in size, throughput, and other parameters. So, our product could be installed in different places, while the desired throughput is guaranteed.


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