Mix Feed Mixer



The mixer was designed for powder and some special pellets mixing in feed mills.


Performance Features

High CV, high efficiency

Patented double-paddle rotor increases mixing speed and reduces batch mixing time;

General material is able to get CV≤5% within 45~90s.

Low residue rate

Pyriform mixing chamber, compared with another mixing chamber, like W-shape and U-shape, has a lower residue rate;

The discharge gate is the full-length gate, and larger width, which leads to fast discharging;

The large paddles are assembled with the shaft, which allows adjusting the clearance between the chamber and the paddle

Optimize the chamber structure and power transmission mode

Welded chamber improves the chamber rigidity and sealing performance;

Two motors are installed on each side of the shaft to improve the shaft stability and the mixer capacity.

Updated shaft sealing, better sealing performance

The new sealing is combined seals, that is Add a stop collar to the previous sealing, to become a labyrinth seal;

The new structure improves the sealing performance and increases the sealing life span to one year.

Creative tumble type liquid addition device

Liquid addition device is tipped on the top cover and new nozzles position design, which achieve better addition performance;

Tumble type is convenient for installation and maintenance.

High safety factor, convenient maintenance

A safety interlocking protection switch is on the cleaning gate, which ensures operators’ safety;


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