Multi-storey Flour Milling Plant


The multi-story flour milling plant is famous for its advanced processing technique, complete machine assembly, low power consumption as well as convenient operation and maintenance.

1. With a magnificent look, the building helps to improve brand awareness, and it is a permanent building with long life.

2. The manufacturing workshops are bright and spacious, while the equipped machines allow simple disassembly and maintenance. Moreover, there is little dust inside the workshops.

3. A hanging bin could be built to realize wheat batching or flour batching. The finished flour can be discharged from the second floor for convenient loading onto trucks.

4. Our flour milling plant has storage bins for original wheat and cleaned wheat respectively. Their large storage capacities fully meet the requirements for continuous batch production.

5. The material distribution floor smoothes and perfects the entire processing flow. The materials are fed in a ladder-typed manner, so, fewer elevating and conveying devices are needed, resulting lowered power consumption.

6. The multi-storey layout reduces noise level, and this structure provides extra convenience when some changes are needed to upgrade the existing production flow.



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