Vibratory Separator


The TQLZ series self-balanced vibratory separator is mainly used to clean or grade the raw materials in grain mills, rice mills, feed manufacturing plants, oil manufacturing plants, food processing factories, chemical engineering factories, etc. By applying screens with different-sized holes, our product fits perfectly for wheat, maize, rice, oilseed, and many other granular materials.

Equipment configuration:
Vibration motor: Yangzhou Bao Fei motors;
Rubber spring: 120*120 rubber produced by Xunda (Jiangdu).
Sieve plate: the main body material adopts a 3mm-thick automobile beam plate.
Surface treatment: the steel used received phosphating or shot blasting, and spray paint or stoving varnish

1. The screen is made of thin steel sheet, and the punched holes are arranged in a cross manner to ensure excellent cleaning result. Technically speaking, our product could at least remove 65% of silt, 70% of light impurities, and 35% of barnyard grass away. Moreover, medium-hardness rubber balls are employed to clean the screens, thereby preventing blocking phenomenon of the holes.

2. For this vibratory separator, the two vibration motors share one terminal block, and the wiring process is very convenient. As a result, the motors are characterized by synchronous start, stable running, low noise, low risk of electric leakage as well as long service life.

3. The screen frame clamping device is locked by hexgen handle, and this facilitates both inspection and maintenance operations. Meanwhile, as mentioned before, the rubber balls ensure continuous and effective cleaning of the screens. In this way, the throughput increases while the maintenance requirement simultaneously decreases.

4. Our vibratory separator adopts imported rubber springs and rubber balls to prolong its life, and there are no lubrication points. Thus, the operation cost is cut down to a minimum.


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