2. PLMFKA Double Roller Flour Mill


Surface Treatment:
mill is treated by electrostatic spraying technology, the whole machine and its components are pre-processed by degreasing, pickling, phosphating and so on, the surface is sprayed, producing smooth surface and uniform coloring.

Grinding Roller Parameters:
The size specifications are 250mm x 1250mm and 250mm x 1000mm;
The parameters of the grinding roller surface are especially formulated according to the technical requirements;
Automatic centrifugal-casting molding;
Grinding roller inner material is HT250;
The outer layer of the grinding roller is made of cemented carbide (alloy thickness 20-25mm);
Axle head material is 40Cr;
The motion radial of the grinding roller is less than 0.005mm;
The hardness difference is less than 4Hs;
The grinding roll is placed horizontally;


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