6. Single Bin Plansifter


FSFW single bin plansifter is applied for sieving and grading powered and granulated products such as flour, starch, rice, medicine, maize, feed, and chemicals with fully closed structure and conveying channel outside of sieve frame. The high throughput capacity of the machine combined with its high sifting efficiency and its small footprint guarantees an excellent space/performance ratio.

a. Conveying channel outside of sieve frame enables high sifting capacity and efficiency.
b. Horizontal and vertical pressure clamping device ensures tight closing of sieve frame and excellent sanitation.
c. The single bin plansifter has a stable and reliable hidden type drive device.
d. Sieve frame and inner frame are made of quality aluminum alloy so that they have high precision and long life.
e. This plansifter has different sieve frames to customize the product flow for sieving and classifying a wide variety of products.
f. The plansifter has a wear-resistant metal framework with high strength and less internal force.
g. Less maintenance and easy cleaning.
h. There are many classifications of material, the screening process is flexible, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.
i. Adding the sight window for observe the screening material conveniently.
j. Placing the confluence pipe for the screening material at the bottom of the flat screen, so that the flat screen can be installed in a convenient and fast way.


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