Rotary Separator


The TQLM series rotary separator is designed to remove both coarse and fine impurities from wheat-based on their differences in size. For medium-quality grain, the separation rate varies depending on the impurity type, and the detailed values are listed below:
1. Coarse impurities: ≥80%
2. Fine impurities: ≥60%
3. Light impurities (with aspiration channel): ≥60%
4. Mistakenly separated plump grain: ≤1%

Equipment configuration:
Motor: we can adopt Wannan or Siemens (beide) motors, according to customer requirements.
Sieve plate: the main body uses 3mm thick Q235 plates;
Drive belt: using the Jiulong Lier A belt;
Surface treatment: the steel used is treated with phosphating or shot blasting, then spray painting or stoving varnish.


1. Excellent Tightness
The screen frame of this rotary separator is manufactured by bending steel plates first, and then the steel plates are connected by bolts. There are two layers of drawer-type screens within the frame, and the screens are divided into front and back parts which are pushed in or drawn out from the inlet end. On the other hand, the eccentric clamping mechanism ensures that there won’t be grains or impurities trapped between the screen and the frame.

2. Good Cleaning Result
The screen is constructed by a thin steel sheet, and there are many cross-arranged perforated holes to guarantee the overall performance. The screens are cleaned by medium-hardness rubber balls, and the openings are not likely to be blocked.

3. Low Noise
The inertial vibration mechanism is adopted for transmission, and vibration dampers are set at the front and back sides of the bottom of the screen. So, this rotary separator keeps steady when it starts or stops, thus reducing the noise level.


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